Ambassador Programme

The Ambassador Programme is a scheme that will unite and develop businesses, organisations and individuals across the area in a powerful network to change perceptions of Perth and raise its profile.

Will be proactive advocates for the City, towns and area both nationally and internationally, with the power to influence how it is marketed, portrayed in the media and at events; to get it known and recognised by the people that matter.

Brings together the knowledge, networks, passion and determination of businesses, organisations and individuals as a powerful force, helping the place compete; attracting investment, business and visitors to create a more successful economy to the benefit of everyone in Perth and Kinross.

If that sounds like you or your organisation, then Perth Ambassadors is for you.

Further information will follow in due course but please register your interest in the meantime.

  • Attendance at high quality and high profile bi-monthly meetings
  • Opportunity to hear from the key movers and shakers in the place
  • Senior networking opportunities
  • Media opportunities regionally and nationally


Benefits to Perth of a Place Ambassador programme
  • Access to different markets
  • Connecting business to place
  • Externally focussed
  • Confidence
  • Raising the profile of our successful businesses
Why do people/organisations join?
  • Connect/reconnect to the place
  • Connect to business opportunities
  • Talk to senior public sector representatives
  • Businesses to engage with HE/FE
  • Opportunity to gain knowledge and intelligence
  • Opportunity to connect to colleagues in their sector
  • CSR programmes
  • Want to be part of a “movement” driving the prosperity of Perth

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